How to print a calendar

How to print a calendar all depends on what you want, I'll cover your options.

If you are looking for something that is quick and easy you probably want to print directly from your browser or you want to download something you can print. I'll list several sites that let you do that.

If on the other hand you are interested in printing a calendar from some application like Outlook, Google Calendars, or iCal then click this link: Printing from Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal. (this site)

The site you are on right now is actually designed to allow you to print a calendar quickly right from your browser. No need to download anything or fiddle with any settings. You can quickly select the month, add notes, and click the giant print button. You can even download a blank calendar for the whole year.

Calendars that work

Let's you generate a word document that you can download edit and reuse. It allows you to customize severals things. What holidays to include. The size of the paper, shading, language, among other things.

Print Free Calendars

Print Free Calendars lets you print right from the browser. It can be a little difficult to navigate but they have a lot of options. You can't enter your own notes, but you can choose to have multiple calendars on a single page, and you can choose from all kinds of holidays. You can get whole year calendars as well.

Calendar Labs

If you want something that's not just functional but decorative you should check out Calendar Labs. They do have your strictly functional calendars but they also have many calendars with pretty pictures and nice designs. And they are all available as word documents.

PDF Calendar

The name doesn't lie, in many ways it reminds me of Calendars that work. It gives a lot of the same customization options and some differenet one. The main difference of course being that PDF calendar gives you PDFs instead of word documents.

How to print from Outlook, Google Calendars, or iCal

Select the option that corresponds to you, or you can scroll down until you get to it:

How to print from Google Calendars

First to print from Google Calendars you first need to have a Google account. Then visit Then click on the More button with the down arrow on the upper right of the screen.

You should get a popup with the options Print and Refresh. Select Print. This will bring up another window with several options and another Print button, click it. At this point things change depending on your browser. Either the calendar will start to print, or you will get another window and have to click the Print button one more time.

If you are interested in seeing a video on how to do this check out: YouTube video of how to print from Google Calendars

How to print from Outlook

These instructions can vary depending on what version of Outlook you have, but they are generally the same.

First go to the calendar section. You can usually do this by clicking on Calendar on the lower left of the screen. Next select the view you want to print, monthly, weekly, etc. The button to switch views is usually located on the top.

Once you are in the view you want to print select File and then Print

That should do it. One additional tip if you want to print a blank calendar simple create a new calendar without any appointments and print that. For step by step instructions on setting up and printing a blank calendar, check out this link Print a blank calendar from Outlook.

How to print from iCal

If you have a mac, you have iCal, which means you are in luck. This is nice little program for printing out calendars.

First start iCal, if it's not on your dock on the bottom on the screen, you can find it using the search spotlight on the upper right of your screen. Just type it's name.

inOnce you've started you should see a calendar on the left side. Now all you have to do is select File and then Print. Viola! You're done, I told you you were lucky.

You actually have several options in this app, like printing with pictures, themes, including holidays, even saving to PDF. For a little more detail on this check out these intructions: How Do I Print a Calendar on My Mac?

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